“Your crews did a magnificent job in preparing the building inside and out.  We would like to thank everyone that was involved from the floor crew, cleaning crew, and grounds crew, ensuring that the building was well maintained. We had about 150 visitors or more in the building yesterday and had no issues.” – Administration Service Tech, U.S. Military

M|TECH – Maintenance Services – “By the way, Marc and Bryan are awesome!  I can’t believe that they helped me out so much.  It took them a lot less time than I know it would have taken me to move those desks.  A million thanks to them!” – Client Experience AssociateRead More.

M|TECH – Construction Services – “I want to thank you and your organization for the support of the construction project at our plant.  The project schedule and budget have been maintained which allowed us to focus on what we do best in supporting our clients.  Your project manager was instrumental in visiting our site and keeping all the contractors on track with our expectations.  He also did an exceptional job in the selection of contractors who were considerate of all details and worked around our staff during our busiest season. We look forward to utilizing this newly created space and continued relationship in future projects.” – Vice President of Manufacturing Read More.

M|RED – Corporate Facility Management – “I hope yesterday didn’t pass without notice, but in case it did let me be the first to congratulate you on your one year anniversary with us! Appreciate all the hard work you do for us and the client.  We’ve had some stressful and challenging times during the transition, but some fun along the way as well.  In the end, your commitment to learning our ways and staying dedicated to the client has helped to show that the 3rd party model can co-exist within their traditionally self-managed world. Here’s to another year!” – Senior Vice President Read More.

M|TECH – Maintenance Services – “Just wanted to put in a good word on Marc’s behalf.  He was on the roof servicing some of your equipment, noticed an issue with one of our fan cooler units , and took the time to call me with the news…this was a big, big help.  He went above and beyond, thank you!”- Lead Operations Technician Read More.

M|TECH – Maintenance Services – “So often we receive emails with complaints, so I’m emailing you to let you know how amazing we think David is and appreciate how hard he works.  He is always willing to go above and beyond.” – Administrative Assistant Property Management Read More.

M|SOURCE – Corporate Sourcing – “Just wanted you to know the Duluth property manager is singing praises about M-Source.  He especially appreciates Tim’s quick response and attention to detail.” – Vice PresidentRead More.

M|TECH – Construction Services – “Kudos to you & your guys……….a great , smooth  job.” – Operations Manager – Read More.

M|TECH – Maintenance Services –We have had the pleasure of working with M|SOURCE Service Networks, Inc. and M|TECH Facility Services, Inc. for several years at many of our high-end retail properties. We are very pleased with their proactive approach often going above and beyond their responsibilities in the scope of services they are responsible for. They continually exceed our expectations.” – Property Manager – Read More.

M|TECH – Maintenance Services – “The MTECH maintenance guy assigned to our account has been spectacular. Of the techs we’ve had, he is the only one to get compliments from our toughest tenant.” -Administrative Assistant – Suburban Office Portfolio – Read More.