Corporate Facilities Sourcing Solutions


M|SOURCE Corporate Facilities Sourcing Solutions eliminates low dollar value, high volume tasks found in facility services, from a client’s core business objective, providing a Niche-word-image value for M|SOURCE clients. A client directed custom mix of facility services (ie. snow removal, lawn maintenance, janitorial, mats, etc.) is bundled into one primary contract, thus reducing vendor count and all related management and administrative concerns across large geographic areas.


Corporate Solutions Delivered Across Multiple-Sites and Large Portfolios

For large and/or multi-site portfolios, bundled sourcing solutions are much more than trimming hedges, planting trees, cutting grass or plowing and salting parking lots. As portfolios increase in size, the administrative burden has a measurable growth factor, thus driving up the ACTUAL cost to provide these services. Tracking of W-9’s, certificates of insurance, Material Safety Data Sheets, verifying invoices, issuing checks, etc. become full-time responsibilities. These are secondary responsibilities to the delivery of a detailed specification at service levels high enough to meet the standards of internal clients.

Value-Added Factors:

  • Eliminates low value, high volume, non-core tasks.
  • Introduces a “no cost” site manager.
  • Lower cost for services.
  • Standardization of specifications across entire portfolios.
  • Reduction of administrative work by in-house management.
  • One source to contract with and manage…M|SOURCE.
  • One source to pay…M|SOURCE.
  • Increased service levels to internal clients.

Tracking Scheduled Maintenance and Daily Requests

Tracking scheduled maintenance items and daily requests is absolutely essential in delivering bundled sourcing solutions.

  • Through the use of our online systems, all scheduled maintenance tasks are pre-loaded into the system (i.e. fertilization 3x year) automatically dispatching work orders directly to the appropriate vendor on client approved, pre-determined dates.
  • Daily requests are administered the same way; however, the on-site internal client has the luxury of entering the request directly on-online.
  • Regardless of the work, all tasks are tracked and monitored for completion, ultimately measuring production rates against service levels.

Measuring service levels

  • Measuring service levels is a standard practice throughout all M|GROUP divisions.
  • Through the use of an on-line survey system, M|SOURCE requests performance feedback from an unlimited number of respondents.

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