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Your Vendor Management Resource

From a few locations around town or many across the country, M|SOURCE, a division of M|GROUP Holdings, streamlines vendor resources to create a customizable, dependable, and more effective facility management program.

M|SOURCE caters to corporations that wish to maintain control of their facilities management, yet need to reduce the number of vendor relationships throughout their portfolio. From organizing and engaging vendors to minimizing spending, our professionals get the job done quickly and cost-effectively.

How Will M|SOURCE Help Me?

We manage all vendor relationships for your commercial real estate portfolio, including bidding and contracting, scheduling, communications, payments, and consolidation. Your facility needs regular TLC from landscaping to snow removal to janitorial. That’s a lot of phone calls, emails, and invoices to handle. How do you keep all the administrative work and vendors organized without losing site of your facility’s needs? M|SOURCE is your answer.

Your Commercial Vendor Management Headquarters

Partner with the team at M|SOURCE to manage vendor relationships for your entire commercial real estate portfolio by enhancing your organization’s internal initiatives and core business. Thanks to our years of experience and network of trusted, experienced vendors, M|SOURCE provides sourcing solutions to you at a lower cost without compromising quality. We work efficiently with your vendors or our network.

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Experience Corporate Sourcing Strategies

Do you have multiple commercial real estate sites or a large corporate portfolio that need a mix of facility services? We know keeping track of insurance certificates, invoice verification, and W-9s from vendors makes the days longer and that much more stressful. It’s time to partner with M|SOURCE to handle your facility administrative responsibilities and maintenance tracking requests.

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