Commercial Facilities Sourcing Solutions

M|SOURCE Commercial Facilities Sourcing Solutions adds a Niche-word-image value as an adjunct site manager for those commercial investment owners without a local management presence. Although an ancillary benefit to providing a client directed mix of facility services (ie. snow removal, lawn maintenance, janitorial, mats, etc.), the adjunct site manager has proven to be a significant resource to the property management team, without additional CAM charges assessed to the tenants or expensed to ownership.

Value-Added Factors:

  • Eliminates low value, high volume, non-core tasks.
  • Introduces a “no cost” site manager.
  • Lower cost for services.
  • Standardization of specifications across entire portfolios.
  • Reduction of administrative work by in-house management.
  • One source to contract with and manage…M|SOURCE.
  • One source to pay…M|SOURCE.
  • Increased service levels to internal clients.

Tracking Scheduled Maintenance and Daily Requests

Tracking scheduled maintenance items and daily requests is absolutely essential in delivering facility services at superior service levels.

  • Through the use of M|GROUP’s online work order system, all scheduled maintenance tasks are pre-loaded into the system (i.e. window cleaning 2x year) automatically dispatching work orders directly to the appropriate vendor on client approved, pre-determined dates.
  • Daily requests are administered the same way; however, the on-site internal client has the luxury of entering the request directly on-line.
  • Regardless of the work, all tasks are tracked and monitored for completion, ultimately measuring production rates against service levels.

Measuring service levels

  • Measuring service levels is a standard practice throughout all M|GROUP divisions.
  • Through the use of an on-line survey system, M|SOURCE requests performance feedback from an unlimited number of respondents.

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