Construction Services

The M|TECH Construction division provides tenant improvement, capital improvement and remodeling construction services to corporations, developers, investors and tenants of commercial properties. In providing these services, M|TECH delivers a higher quality of service with a shorter turnaround of deliverables, while focused on the project budget and lease underwriting parameters.


Focusing on Tenant Improvement and Capital Improvement Construction Services

M|TECH delivers traditional construction services with two supporting industries in mind: Property Management and Building Maintenance. M|TECH doesn’t just deliver a construction project exactly to client specifications; consideration is also given to those intrinsic factors that make any project, a GREAT success!

As Managers and building TECHnicians for other clients, M|TECH ensures that attention is given to several factors over the entire life of the project, including:

  • Identifies that the finishes need to be maintained long after the project is complete.
  • Avoids disrupting the existing tenants and other departments at all times.
  • Prevents damage to the existing building, no matter how minor.
  • Communicates the project status on regular intervals.
  • Accounts for any existing warranties that could be jeopardized due to the work being performed on existing building systems and mechanicals.
  • Selects construction materials that fit within the standard building operations.
  • Selects materials (lights, ceiling tile) that are in current building inventory.

Lease Underwriting

As Managers and building TECHnicians for other clients, M|TECH understands the technical and business environment of commercial buildings.

To developers and investors, M|TECH delivers:

  • Expedited submittal of project bids.
  • Economical construction costs.
  • Guaranteed construction completion dates.

which result in successful lease negotiations accomplished through solid partnerships.


To institutions and corporations, M|TECH delivers the ability to navigate the capital request process while supporting client relationships. M|TECH delivers:

  • Project scopes that take into consideration the cause and effect of a particular project in order to avoid unnecessary subsequent projects.
  • Value propositions that support the internal capital request process.
  • Projects with little or no disruption to other company departments.

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