M|GROUP represents a long-overdue shift in thinking about how a property can be serviced in order to optimize performance, appearance and profitability. M|GROUP was created for one purpose and one purpose only: to focus exclusively on providing the best, most cost-effective property and facility services in the industry.

M|GROUP provides clients with niche management, construction, mobile maintenance and sourcing platforms.

Our clients include:

  • Developers and investors of retail, office, industrial and medical real estate.
  • Corporations with multi-site/chain operations as seen in the banking, health care, specialty pharmaceutical, heavy industrial, broadcasting, 24/7/365 operations, utilities, retail and restaurant industries.

M|GROUP utilizes cloud-based systems designed around the primary need to collaborate with clients. In addition, M|GROUP aligns its operations into vertically integrated business units which can be deployed collaboratively or independently. This allows M|GROUP to offer full scalability where services are delivered according to each client’s required scope of work.


M_RED-no-background    … A Niche-word-image Management Value


Specialty Facility Services

M|RED provides specialty facility management services within:

  • Highly regulated and controlled environments
  • Sensitive environments
  • Critical environments
  • Secured environments

Understanding that these unique working environments require a customized level of care, an extreme focus on detail and a unique systems platform to support the initiative. Learn More.

Commercial Property Management

M|RED provides traditional property management services on a far more effective scale by leveraging leading edge technologies with a passion for customer care. Focused on tenant retention and maximizing your asset’s value, M|RED sets a new standard for customer service and asset performance. Learn More.

Corporate Facility Management

M|RED provides facility management services to clients operating multiple locations in industries such as banking, health care, government, broadcasting, retail chains, industrial concerns and more. M|RED leverages its infrastructure to improve cost efficiencies with higher service levels at the lowest possible disruption to the client’s operations. Learn More.


MSOURCE-S-281-k copy … Niche-word-image Sourcing Value

Commercial Facilities Sourcing Solutions

M|SOURCE adds a Niche-word-image value as an adjunct site manager for those commercial investment owners without a local management presence. Although an ancillary benefit to providing a client directed mix of facility services (ie. snow removal, lawn maintenance, janitorial, mats, etc.), the adjunct site manager has proven to be a significant resource to the property management team, without additional CAM charges assessed to the tenants or expensed to ownership. Learn More.

Corporate Facilities Sourcing Solutions

M|SOURCE eliminates low dollar value, high volume tasks found in facility services from a client’s core business objective, providing a Niche-word-image value for M|SOURCE clients. A client directed custom mix of facility services (ie. snow removal, lawn maintenance, janitorial, mats, etc.) is bundled into one primary contract, thus reducing vendor count and all related management concerns across large geographic areas. Learn More.


M_TECH … Niche-word-image Enhancement Value


Construction Services

M|TECH provides tenant improvement, capital improvement and remodeling construction services to corporations, developers, investors and tenants of commercial properties. In providing these services, M|TECH delivers a higher quality of service with a shorter turnaround of deliverables, while focused on the project budget and lease underwriting parameters. Learn More.

Maintenance Services

M|TECH provides user-friendly and reliable mobile maintenance services to clients using a cloud-based work order system. The service fleet is equipped with a full complement of contractor-grade tools to immediately handle any maintenance or repair need that may arise. Learn More.